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Baizhan petroglyphs.

Hiking routes on Central Kazakhstan.

"The excitement in the heart is such
as if I spied
creation next to you
from clay divine bodies..."

Peter Korytko.

Tour from Karaganda to Zhezkazgan.  

Cave paintings of Baizhan are engraved on even light brown plates covered with a light tan peel (PT - 3-4) in the Karkaraly district of the Karaganda region. Petroglyphs on four massive plates were found in the gorge of the same name next to an abandoned wintering ground.
Mountain goats are depicted, a man with arms spread apart, a rider on a horse, a "string" of mountain goats, dogs, wolves, a bird (bustard?), Anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures. Silhouette point embossing with traces of a large tool; evidence of grinding of the inner surface and renewal of images is recorded (Novozhenov, 2002, p. 31 - 32).

M.V. Bedelbaeva, V.A. Novozhenov, N.V. Novozhenova. "Fine monuments of the Kazakh small hills". Karaganda State University named after academician E.A. Buketova. Saryarka Archaeological Institute. Karaganda. 2015.

Alexander Petrov.