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Balyand mosque in Bukhara.

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“Almost all the historical, architectural and cultural monuments of human civilization, including the wonders of the world, were built by slaves”

Vladimir Borisov.

Visit to Balyand mosque in Bukhara. 

An excellent example of a quarter ritual center is the Balyand Mosque in the western part of old Bukhara. The mosque belongs to the beginning of the XVI century. It has a cube-shaped structure with adjoining colonnade. The Balyand Mosque is famous for its refined interior.
Mosque consists of a cubic building, decorated and shaded corner in the avian form of stalactites and summer mosque. The interior of the mosque is to provide room and ceiling with beautiful wooden domes that are decorated in the style of the XIX century.
Attention pilgrims and tourists are also attracted to the unique paintings gilded painting on the walls and mihrab. Especially the paneling made of hexahedral glazed tiles painted with gold, which goes round the hall.
The mosque took its name ("balyand" means "lofty") because of raised stone bed, on which rests the construction. Balyand Mosque of the city of Bukhara, which has an age of 500 years, built around a small pond old.
This is a magnificent example of architectural monument of the XVI century. Its name translates as "high" because it is built on a high foundation. Balyand.

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Alexey Arapov.