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The building of railway station in Aralsk.

Photo tour of Aralsk.

"Kohl in the springtime
Legs will want to wande
Enough dust on the old road
On the forgotten trail in Marlborough.
This path is not repaired,
Who is driving there now?
Like a life path
It curls somehow ...
It's just a direction
Outlining the path.
It's just an opportunity
Go yes go"

G. Toro.

Historical sights of Aralsk.

The building of the railway station in the town of Aralsk is located at the railway station "Aral Sea", in the northern part of Bekmyrza Khan street at the station square. The Orenburg-Tashkent railway was built in the period from 1887 to 1906.
On the left side of the building from the central entrance on the wall is a huge panel on the theme:
On October 7, 1921, V.I.Lenin in a letter addressed the fishermen of the Aral Sea:
“Donate, dear comrades, Aral fishermen and workers, with a generous hand! You will not only do the work of human conscience, but you will strengthen the work of the workers' revolution. For you will show the whole world, and above all all the working people, that the power of the workers' Soviet state, built on the broadest assistance to each other of the proletarians of the most distant places from each other, is indestructible."
In response to the appeal, the Aral fishermen in December 1921 shipped 14 wagons of fish.
The section of the railway - Orenburg - Kandagach - Kazalinsk, where the station "Aral Sea" and the railway station are located, were built in 1906.
Geographic coordinates of the railway station building in Aralsk: N46 ° 48'03.22 "E61 ° 40'30.35"

Authoritye and photos:
Alexander Petrov.