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Cathedral of Assumption in Atyrau.

Orthodox cathedrals in Kazakhstan.

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One of the oldest and most beautiful architectural monuments of the town - Cathedral of the Assumption is located in the heart of the city of Atyrau, on Issatay Taimanov street, just a few steps from the main square. 
Cathedral of the Assumption is built from a brick, the length of a temple of 45 meters, 14 meters the width, the uppermost dome Cathedral of the Assumption is at height of 40 meters, the height of the bottom domes is at height of 10 meters. Volume of a cathedral of 4500 cubic metre.
Total area Uspen of a cathedral of 230 square meters. The cathedral is calculated on 900 places. Cathedral of he Assumption has been constructed on money of a merchant and patron of art Fedot Tudakov and its spouses who have enclosed in construction many forces and means.
This cathedral is one of the oldest temples in Kazakhstan and it is put in thelist of the architectural monuments of national importance. The construction lasted 10 years and was finished in 1888. 
The Cathedral was built in the time characteristic of pseudo-Russian style, which is a synthesis of ancient and traditional Russian architecture, as well as the elements of Byzantine architecture associatedwith them. 
Nevertheless, in contrast to the numerous typical temples built in the XIX century, the Assumption Cathedral bears the mark of a special local architectural school which is characterized bya certain light and delicacy of the general construction of the building.
After completion of the construction and lighting, the Cathedral of the Assumption became the central temple of the city Guriev (Atyrau), but the Cathedral was closed after the revolution.
Moderation of the state policy towards religion happened during the Second World War in the USSR, and temples were opened and restored in different parts of the country. Cathedral of the Assumption was in the first 10,000 churches open in the Soviet Union, later on the religious significance of the temple grew and it was given the status of the second-Cathedral. 
Serious restoration work in the Cathedral was not carried out for more than hundred years and the building gradually was going to wreck. In 2000, by order of the akim of the Atyrau region I.N. Tasmagambetov, Assumption Cathedral was completely renovated. 
Much has been done to strengthen the foundations of the main building, the facade and the dome of the Cathedral underwent there storation as well. Despite the large scale of restoration work, experts managed to fully preserve the historical image of the architectural monument.

Cathedral of the Assumption. End XIX c.Cathedral of the Assumption. End XIX c.Cathedral of the Assumption in Atyrau.Cathedral of the Assumption in Atyrau.Cathedral of the Assumption in Atyrau.

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