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Climbing tours to peaks Lenin and Khan-Tengri.

Climbing ascensions in mountains of Pamir and Тien-Shan.

“What are men to rocks and mountains?” 

Jane Austen. «Pride and Prejudice».

Expeditions of climbers to Lenin peaks of 7134 meters above sea level on Pamir and Khan-Tengri of 7010 meters above sea level on Central Тien-Shan.

Recommended, approximate, the program of an ascension to Lenin peaks and Khan-Tengri.

Climbing tours in Central Asia.

Day 1. Bishkek - Osh
Arrival in the town of Bishkek. Departure to town of Osh (1 hour), arrival in Osh, a meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel, accommodation. Overnight.
Day 2. Osh - settlement Gulcha - pass Taldyk of 3615 meters above sea level - settlement Sary-Tash of 3200 meters above sea level - natural boundary Achik-Tash of 3600 meters above sea level - BC "Achik-Tash" (275 km).
Transfer: Osh – Achik-Tash. Arrival in BC, accommodation in tents, overnight.
Day 3. Base camp "Ahik-Tash" - peak of Petrovskiy 4830 meters above sea level. 
Acclimatization an ascenssion on peak Petrovskiy, returning in BC "Achik-Tash". Preparation for an ascension in BC "Achik-Tash".
Day 4. BC "Achik-Tash" - camp of 1 4400 meters above sea level. Hiking in camp 1 4400.
Day 5. Camp №1 - peak of House 4700 meters above sea level.  Acclimatization an ascension on peak House, returning in camp 1. Preparation for an ascension in camp 2.
Day 6. Camp №1 - camp of 2 5300 meters above sea level. Hiking in camp №2.
Day 7. Camp №2 - camp of 3 6200 meters above sea level. Hiking in camp №3 6200.
Day 8. Camp №3 - camp №1 4400. Hiking in camp №1 4400.
Day 9. Camp №1 - BC "Achik-Tash".  Hiking in BC "Achik-Tash".
Day 10. Reserve day.
Day 11. Preparation for the further ascension to Lenin peak in BC "Achik-Tash".
Day 12. BC "Achik-Tash" - camp №1 4400.
Hiking in camp №1 4400.
Day 13. Camp №1 4400 - camp №2 5300. Hiking in camp №2 5300.
Day 14. Camp №2 5300 - camp №3 6200. Hiking in camp №3 6200.
Day 15. Camp №3 6200 - an ascension to Lenin peak of 7 134 meters above sea level - camp №3 6200. The Ascension to Lenin peak, returning in camp №3 6200.
Day 16. Camp №3 6200 - camp №1 4400. Hiking in camp №1 4400.
Day 17. Camp №1 4400 - BC "Achik-Tash". Hiking in BC "Achik-Tash".
Day 18. Reserve day.
Day 19. Additional day on a case of bad weather.
Day 20. BC "Achik-Tash" - Osh (275 km). 
Transfer: «Achik-Tash» - Osh (275 km). Arrival in Osh, accommodation in hotel. A free time. Overnight.
Day 21. Osh - Bishkek. Departure from Osh to Bishkek (1 hour). Arrival in airport "Manas", a meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel (30 km). Accommodation, overnight.
Day 22. Bishkek. Day of rest.
Day 23. Bishkek - gorge Boom - town of Balykchi - town of Cholpon-Ata - natural boundary of Char-Kuduk - base camp "Karkara" of 2200 meters above sea level (450 m).  
Transfer: Bishkek - «Karkara». Arrival in base camp "Karkara", accommodation in tents, overnight.

Day 24. BC "Karkara" - base camp "Southern Inylchek" 4000 meters above sea level. Flight by the helicopter in base camp "Southern Inylchek".
Day 25. BC "Southern Inylchek". Acclimatization walks, preparation for an ascension on peak of Khan-Tengri in base camp «Southern Inylchek».
Day 26. BC " Southern Inylchek" - camp of №1 4200 meters above sea level. Hiking in camp №1 4200.
Day 27. Camp №1 - camp of №2 5300 meters above sea level. Transition in camp №2 5300.
Day 28. Camp №2 5300 - camp of №3 5800 meters above sea level. Hiking in camp №3 5800.
Day 29. Camp №3 5800 - camp of №4 6400 meters above sea level. Hiking in camp №4 6400.
Day 30. Camp №4 6400 - an ascension on top of peak of Khan-Tengri of 7010 meters above sea level - camp №3 5800. Ascension to Khan-Tengri - returning in camp №3 5800.
Day 31. Camp 5800 - BC «Southern Inylchek». Hiking in BC.
Days 32 - 33 . Additional day on a case of bad weather.
Day 34. BC «Southern Inylchek» - BC "Karkara" - Bishkek. 
Flight by the helicopter in Karkara. Transfer to Bishkek (450 km). Arrival in Bishkek, accommodation in hotel, overnight.
Days 35 - 36. Bishkek. Free day in Bishkek and departure from Bishkek.

The price of the program includes «Expedition Lenin peaks and Khan-Tengri»:
Meeting and seeing-off at the airport in Bishkek or at railway station in Bishkek. Transfer airport in Bishkek– hotel - airport in Bishkek. Transfer from Bishkek to helicopter landing spot to base camp “Karkara” and back. Helicopter flight from base camp “Karkara” to base camp “South Inylchek” and back. Unlimited luggage weight on the helicopter flight to BC and back. Accommodation in the hotel in Bishkek with breakfast and in “Southern Inylchek” base camp with Full board (no more 4 nights only in total). Accommodation in double tents with full board at base camp “South Inylchek“. Free usage of hot shower and sauna, toilet and cloak-room at base camp “Southern Inylchek“. Consultancy service of local guide. Consultancy of doctor. Registration with local Rescue Squad. Ecology fee payable for usage of territory at base camps. Usage of long-distance radio telecommunication service. Rent of ultra-short wave radios during ascent. Usage of fixed ropes on the route. Change of air-flight and railway tickets. Frontier zone permit. Official registration with authorities of Kyrgyzstan and visa support letter (if needed).

In the price of the program “Expedition on peaks Lenin and Khan-Tengri” it is not included:
The cost of Kyrgyz visa. International flight. All optional deviations from the main itinerary. Beverages and meals not included in main menu. All personal expenses (extra luggage fee, room service, medical expenses/insurance, etc.). The rent of individual equipment.

Photos by
Vladimir Serbenko.