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Cretaceous Akkergeshen.

Traveling to the sights of Atyrau region.

"Akkergeshen plateau sleeps in a sensitive dream,
Under a starry dome, a bonfire is lit
And they’re sad nearby, they don’t sleep,
Like ancient ruins, rocks are standing”

Yuri Pastukhov. Atyrau.

Guide to Atyrau region.

Video film about Akkergeshen Cretaceous Plateau in Atyrau region.

The Akkergeshen plateau is located 48.8 kilometers north-east of the administrative center of the Zhalyoi region - the village of Kulsary, Atyrau region and 23.3 kilometers north of the village of Akkiztogay. The Akergeshen Plateau stretches from southeast to northwest for 11.6 kilometers, the largest width in the central part is 7.6 kilometers.
In the south-west, approximately 18 kilometers from Akkergeshen, is the Sarkumak tract. At 10 kilometers to the northeast is Mount Imankara, 200 meters above sea level. 41 km from the Beyneu - Dossor highway to the chalk Akkergeshen plateau.
Between the chalky plateaus Akkergeshen and Aktolagay, the lowering is occupied by the salt lake Talagaysor. Meetings with wildlife, with the mysterious world of caves, with amazing natural monuments, hiking adventures, all this can be found on the chalk outcrops - Akkergeshen.
Cretaceous outcrops of Akkeregeshen, composed of representatives of extinct marine animals, Upper Cretaceous deposits of a sea urchin, may be lucky enough to find a black tooth of an ancient shark or dinosaur spine, petrified shells of sea urchins and their needles, petrified trunks of sea lilies, which have now broken up into separate fragments, great luck finding an ammonite or nautilus shell, unlike their relatives - belemnite mollusks, ammonites and nautilus are very rare here.
The life of ammonites and belemnites ended with the dinosaurs in the Cretaceous period. The chalk stores the remains of animals that lived in a shallow ancient sea, which filled the entire space of this territory. In the vicinity of the plateau, opposite the rocks of 3 heroes, opens a panorama of chalk outcrops.
This is an excursion for those who love exotic, unusual or just keen on geology, paleontology. The first time you find yourself on the chalk outcrops of Akkeregeshin, you can’t tear yourself away from the bizarre weathered snow-white rocks for a long time.
Here is an unusual silence and whiteness. If you come closer to wander at the foot of the rocks, you can find representatives of extinct marine animals, Upper Cretaceous deposits. The bright, unique beauty of the Akkergeshin plateau was formed in the Jurassic period, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
The fantastic landscape of these places is fascinating.
Geographic coordinates of Cretaceous Akkergeshen plateau: N47 ° 18'32.52 "E54 ° 23'30.97"

Alexander Petrov, Yuri Pastukhov.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.