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Dam Albarboget (Aisy).

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"Water was given the magical power to become the juice of life on Earth"

Leonardo da Vinci.

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The Albarboget (Aisy) dam is located at an altitude of 108 to 109 meters above sea level, located in the southwest of the Zhylanshykturme hill, in the middle part of the floodplain channel of the Kabyrga duct, in the Dzhangeldy district, in the southwestern part of the Kostanay region
The Albarboget dam, built in the floodplain of the Kabyrga channel under the guidance of the first professional hydraulic engineer Torgai, Aisa Nurmanov, who took care of the needs of his people. People call it "Aisa Dam" after the name of the author of this project.
The construction of the dam was carried out manually. Construction began in 1924 and completed in 1926. The total length of the dam on the Kabyrga channel, built without a single technique, was 17 kilometers.
At this time (02/07/2023), the length of the Albarboget dam is more than 42 kilometers. In the floodplain part of the Kabyrga channel there are also dams: Teleksai with a length of 1.3 kilometers and Aktekenovskaya with a length of 3.7 kilometers, which is located in the western part of the channel of the Kabyrga channel.
For the construction of the Albarboget dam, logs were used, which were delivered on camels from Amankaragay, 400 kilometers from the construction site. In order to prevent gusts of water from breaking through the soil, mats of twigs were woven into it, the windward side of the dam was piled up with bags of earth.
For two years in a row, residents of two volosts worked here, dragging the earth, from spring to the first frost. And in the spring of 1926, the Albarboget dam withstood the first flood and began to benefit the locals.
The first settlements appeared: Amankaragai, Sor, Kokalat, Karakoga, Kyzyloba, Karabidaiyk, Tobylgy, Albarboget collective farm and Comintern. The population was provided with both pastures and hay fields, it became possible to grow fruits and vegetables.
Albarboget became an example for the construction of other dams in the region. The names of the people who participated in the construction of this dam, their labor feat will remain in the history and memory of the inhabitants of the Torgai region.
In 2007, a major reconstruction of the Albarboget dam was carried out. The dam retains approximately 55 - 60 million cubic meters of water, thus still providing the local population with water.
Geographical coordinates of Albarboget (Aysy) dam: N49°49'23.00" E64°12'19.31"

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