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Excursion in Kyzylorda.

Trips on tourist sights Kyzyolrda area.

“Books are the plane, and the train, and the road. They are the destination, and the journey. They are home” 

Anna Quindlen,

Duration of the excursion: 5 hours.
Season: year round.
Advanced reservation: for 48 hours.

Detailed program of an excursion trip in Kyzylorda:

Visit to Kyzylorda.         

The beginning of excursion on town Kyzylorda, visiting of regional history-study of local lore museum of city, museum has been formed in 1939, visiting of railway museum. Visiting of memorial Korkyt-Ata. According to records of scientific wise men of an antiquity, the general for all Turkic people the thinker, the orator, musician Korkyt was born also veins in VII - IX centuries in the country Bayat, in the town of Zhankent.
Visiting of the main area of town «Tagzym», landside area and railway station on which monument Gani Muratbaev - to the public figure and the leader of youth movement of Kazakhstan is located. Visiting of the oldest monument of architecture - mosques «Aitbaya», constructed in 1878 at financial support of merchant Aitbaya Baltabaev.
Visiting of the Holly-Kazan orthodox temple opened in 1896.
Visiting of monument Syr-Arna and quay of the river Syrdarya stella in the height of 40 meters representing the Kazakh girl dancing in the national order. Visiting of monument devoted to Great Domestic war. Visiting of the main area of city, here it is located Kyzylorda the state university, visiting of monument - to three writers Kyzylorda of area Zeinulla Shakurov, Kalrai Mukhamedzhanov and Abdilda Tazhibaev, located near to the educational case Kyzylorda state university, made of concrete. Sightseeing tour on city.

Short information on the town of Kyzylorda.

The town of Kyzylorda on the Syr Darya has glorious past and, thanks to the recent discovery of the nearby Kumkol oil fields, a future as well. The present, however, is a sort of time limbo between the two, and does not necessarily invite the traveller to stay for long.
Like all the newly emerging oil towns in Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda catches your attention by its extreme contradictions. On one side, there is poverty, decay, dirt and resignation; on the other, the swanky shops and homes of the oil-industry beneficiaries are impossible to miss. How should you answer the city's residents when they ask whether you like their dutiful town? Nevertheless, tourism does exist here - the treasures of the region's history fit well with modern Kazakhstan's conscious attempt to embrace its heritage and traditions.
History tells us that this was the strategic point where the caravan routes from Tashkent, Bukhara and Khiva came together, and then split to journey to western Siberia and via Torgay to Troitsk and Orenburg. There was once a large caravanserai here, on the banks of the then still powerful Syr Darya River. In 1817, the fortress of Akmechet (White Mosque) was founded on the left bank of the Syr Darya.
A year later it was decided to move the fortress to the right bank of the river, since it was more secure against the extensive floods of early summer. The Russian governorate was established in 1867, shortly after Russia's wide-ranging conquest of the Central Asian steppe, and Akmechet was renamed Perovsk, in honour of the Russian general Perov, who had excelled in his campaign against the Khans of Kokand and Khiva during the territory's conquest.
Reminders of those days are the Russian Orthodox church not far from the bazaar, built in 1878 and now beautifully restored, surrounded by high trees and flowerbeds, and the numerous one-storey Russian houses in the settlement behind it- Following the October Revolution, the city was renamed Kyzylorda (Red Horde), and wa the capital of Kazakhstan from 1925 until 1929.

 The author program is Alexander Petrov. Copying and introduction -  from the sanction of the author

Alexander Petrov