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Excursion Tour in Karaganda.

Walking in the sights of Karaganda.

"A man knows himself only to the extent that he knows the world"


Season: year-round.
Duration: 5 hours.
Advance reservation: in 48 hours.

Detailed program of excursions in Karaganda:

A trip from Karaganda to Borovoye park.

City Tour in Karaganda.
A visit to the Karaganda Regional Museum of History and Local Lore. The museum is the largest museum in the region. The museum has 14 exhibition halls that exhibits exhibit. A special place is occupied by the hall of unique computer animation-reconstruction “Faces of the Ancestors”. The museum was opened in November 1932 as a polytechnical museum. In 1936, the museum’s funds were replenished with a collection of archaeological finds sent by an expedition of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
Visit to the regional mosque named after Anet Bab Kishikuly - a cultural and scientific center located in the ethnographic park named after the 10th anniversary of Independence.
Visit to the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Fatima. The cathedral is beautiful and majestic, there are many frescoes in the main hall, there is an organ in the cathedral, concerts are regularly held here. In the cathedral is a crypt where you can see scenes from the life of Christ.
Visit to the Pitmen’s Palace of Culture located on Bukhar-Zhyrau Avenue. The construction of this magnificent palace began in 1940. There are six sculptures on the pediment of the building: a miner, a builder, a shepherd with a lamb, a collective farmer with a sheaf of wheat, akyn with a dombra and a warrior.
Visit to the newest monument of the city "Where-where? In Karaganda". The idea to erect a monument belongs to Bari Alibasov. This is the only monument to the catch phrase - "Where, where? In Karaganda."
Visit to the monument Miner's glory.
Visiting Stela of Independence. Stella was opened in 2006. It was decarcated on four sides by tulpars (a mythical symbol of a Kazakh horse), meaning fearlessness of a lion, farsightedness of a falcon, physical strength and strength of a bull, speed, speed and plasticity of a fallow deer, cunning and resourcefulness of a fox in the fight against enemies. At the top of the stele is a composition of an eagle under the sun. Eagle or golden eagle in the worldview of nomads occupies a special place.
A visit to the Ecological Museum, a one of a kind museum, opened in 1995.
A visit to the cathedral in the name of the Entry into the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
the construction of this temple was started in 1991, ended in 2000.
Visiting the Museum of Fine Arts of Karaganda, in the museum you can see paintings of Karaganda, arts and crafts.
Visit to the Museum of Archeology at the University of Karaganda.

Brief information about the city of Karaganda.

n the Central steppe region of Kazakhstan grows а remarkable, bullet-shaped thorn plant named karaghanik. When а storm occurs, they come to life and whirl over the plain like а herd of hedgehogs. Karaganda owes its name to these plants.
On arrival by train, nothing bad can be traced. The station has been neatly renovated, and the view over the square in front of it with its surrounding cultural and residential buildings impressive. But there is more to Karaganda (Karaghanda in Kazakh): this was the place where from 1929 till well into the 1950s forced migrants and реnаl camp inmates were located with the task to make оnе of the most forbidding parts of the vast Soviet empire fit to live in.
Not anywhere else there used to be such а massive concentration of prison camps as in the steppe of central Kazakhstan. The region's wealth in terms of mineral resources could be effectively exploited with the help of cheap labour. In 1833, а local shepherd had discovered the first coal here.
The owner of the plot, the Kazakh bey Utep, sold it in 1856 to the Russian merchant Usakov, who started to win the coal but for lack of salesmanship went bankrupt in the process.

The Cathedral in the name of the Entry into the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.Regional Drama Theater named after S. Seyfullin.Ancient columns between houses in Karaganda.Monument A.S. Pushkin on the central boulevard in Karaganda.Shopping center in Karaganda.Palace of culture of miners.Karaganda Academic Theater of Musical Comedy.Architectural sights of Karaganda.

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