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“Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

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Insects and other important invertebrates of Alakol reserve.

Insect fauna of Alakol reserve is still completely unexplored.
According to preliminary estimates by entomologists, the species diversity of the main groups of insects is likely to be within 1000 species. Out of 87 species of dragonflies known for the territory of Kazakhstan, according to preliminary inventory in 2002, 33 species live in Alakol of the Sasykkol system of lakes, including 20 species in the territory of the Alakol reserve (Chaplina, 2004).
Zooplankton in the Alakolsky reserve. According to T.S. Stuge (1999), in June - July 1996, 68 taxa of aquatic invertebrates - 35 species - were identified in the zooplankton of lakes. The greatest species diversity was noted in Lake Alakol - 38 taxa.
The dominant complex consisted of H. fennica and K. quadrata, which in mass developed throughout the water area (90 - 100% occurrence). In shallow areas, brachionides (7 species) joined them - 60 - 70% of occurrence. Among crustaceans, the dominant position was occupied by the arctodiaptomus.
In the coastal areas at shallow depths M. mongolica, B. longirostris, and the larval stages of cyclops developed abundantly. The remaining species were mainly found in single specimens; only a few created a noticeable abundance in individual areas (Stuge, Krupa, Smirnova, 2004).
Zooplankton of the freshwater lake Sasykkol totaled 28 species (rotifers - 12, cladocerans - 10, copepods - 4 species). In all the 3 years of research in June, in the salt lake Alakol, the general list of species was supplemented by rotifers P. luminosa, A. priodonta, Epiphanes macroura, T. truncata, E. Dilatata, Epiphanidae, as well as S. stylata, F. longiseta, B. angularis and A. priodonta (Stuge, Krupa, Smirnova, 2004).
As a result of studies conducted in the late 90s, the list of zooplankton invertebrates of Alakol lakes increased by more than 40 species.
It also made adjustments caused by changes in the systematics. In June - July 2002, the fauna of the delta of water bodies was quite diverse - 34 species and forms. Nematodes, oligochaetes, 3 species of leeches, a large number of aquatic insects from 7 orders, and also 3 species of mollusks were found here.
In 2004, only 2 delta sites were covered by observations, the benthos of which was represented by a small number of species. In general, over 4 years of observations in the delta part of the river. Tentec registered 69 species and forms of bottom invertebrates.
A significant diversity of zoobenthos of floodplain lakes is due to the abundant development of aquatic vegetation in them (Epova, 2004). Fishes of Alakolsky reserve. Of the 22 species of fish that live on the Alakol-Sasykkol system of lakes, in the reserve has 12 species, of which only 3 species are representatives of the indigenous ichthyofauna, the rest are acclimatized.
Reptiles and amphibians of the Alakol reserve. Of the amphibians in the reserve, 2 species are found, of reptiles - 14 species, but the dwelling on the islands of a motley and eared round-headed requires confirmation.
Birds of Alakolsky reserve. The modern fauna of birds of the Alakol reserve is represented by 269 species, of which 135 nests and 134 are migrants. Wetlands of the Tentek delta are characterized by the greatest species diversity.
Mammals of the Alakol reserve. Of the 63 species of mammals living in the flat part of the Alakol depression, 35 species were recorded in the reserve. The most rich and diverse are the rodents of the desert complex and the inhabitants of the wetlands.

Berezovikov Nikolay Nikolaevich, Cand.Biol.Sci.

Photos by:
Alexander Petrov.