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Geoglyph «Akshyganak cross».

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"The function of a myth is to remove reality"

Roland Bart.

Journey to Torgai geoglyphs.

«Akshyganak Cross» geoglyph is located at an altitude of 120 meters above sea level, located 1.5 kilometers north and slightly west of the village of Akshyganak, 2.1 kilometers from the right (northern) bank of the Torgai River, 67.7 kilometers south -west of the village of Torgai, in the Dzhengeldinsky district in the southwest of the Kostanay region.
The Akshyganak cross is almost equally oriented to the cardinal points. The line of the cross from north to south consists of 11 small, gently sloping and swollen mounds, each 15-16 meters in diameter. The line of the cross, oriented from east to west from north to south, also consists of 11 small, gently sloping and swollen mounds, each 15 - 16 meters in diameter.
The total number of hillocks is 41. In the northwestern part, at a distance of 85 meters, there is an embankment; in the southwest, at a distance of 60 meters, there is another embankment;
Geographic coordinates of Akshyganak Cross geoglyph: N49°18'17.41" E62°42'21.77"

Alexander Petrov.