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Geoglyph "Turgai Ring".

Mysterious places of Kazakhstan.

"Mounds arranged in a row, forming geometric shapes like triangles and quadrangles... are located at the same distance from each other"

I.A. Castagne. "Antiquities of the Kyrgyz steppe and the Orenburg region". 1910, p. 64.

Secrets of the nature of Kazakhstan.

The geoglyph "Turgai ring" or "Ashtysty ring" is located in the interfluve of three rivers, Ashytasty, which is located 1.8 kilometers in the south, the drying channel of the Zhusalysay, 15 kilometers to the southeast and the channel of the Tasty river, flowing at 13.6 kilometers in the north-west, which is the right tributary of the Ashchytasty River.
16.5 kilometers in the north-west, there is the village of Tasty, 56 kilometers in the south-east is the town of Arkalyk. Geoglyph is located on the territory of the town administration of Arkalyk, Kostanay region. The geoglyph "Turgai Ring" is a circle that consists of 25 embankments, 170 meters in diameter.
There are three ring ditches to the north of the "Turgai Ring". A group of several burial mounds is located 1.2 km east of the "Turgai Ring" geoglyph, and three burial mounds are located 220 meters to the southwest. In 5, 2 kilometers to the northwest there is a group of 4 kurgans stretched in a line from the southwest to the northeast. 
Geoglyph "Ashtysty cross" is located 19 kilometers south-east of the geoglyph "Turgai ring". Geographic coordinates of the geoglyph "Turgai ring" - N50 ° 22'05.82 "E66 ° 09'00.56"

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