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Glacier of Bivachny.

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“Geography, the only one of all sciences, arose from action and, moreover, courageous action ... Like other sciences, geography made its way to the truth through a whole series of errors and errors ... Is modern chemistry our key science - did not go through its shameful phase of alchemy (monstrously evolving fraud), and did our knowledge of the star world not come from the superstitious idealism of astrology, which sought human destiny in the depths of infinity? From this point of view, geography can be called the most flawless of sciences. Even while fiction, she never sought to fool ordinary mortals (and their overwhelming majority), to lure them from their money, to deprive them of peace”

Joseph Conrad “Geography and some researchers. Favorites in two volumes. T. 2.M., 1959, p. 658 - 654.

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Bivachny Glacier is located in the eastern part of the ridge of the Academy of Sciences in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. The length of the glacier is 30.1 kilometers, the area of ​​the Bivachny glacier is about 100 square kilometers, is a pulsating glacier, the height of the mouth is about 3450 meters above sea level.
The largest western tributary of the Fedchenko Glacier. It was discovered in 1908 by the expedition of captain N.I. Kosinenko. The main stream of the Bivachny glacier is formed on the eastern slope of the Academy of Sciences ridge 5 km north of Garmo peak 6602 meters above sea level as a result of the confluence of the Krutoy glacier, the OGPU glacier and three other tributaries of the Bivachny glacier.
From here, from a height of 4520 meters above sea level, the glacier flows to the northeast, taking large tributaries on the left - the Russia (or Moscow State University), Oshanin and Kalinin glaciers.
The right tributaries of the Bivachny glacier are significantly inferior in size to the left, there are only two - the S-shaped glacier flowing from under the Bolshoy Fontan pass, and the glacier flowing from under the Kustovsky pass.
The lower part of the Bivachny glacier (from the Oshanin glacier to the Fedchenko glacier) is completely covered by moraine deposits, there are many lakes, the surface of the glacier is very uneven and difficult to pass.
The usual way to travel on this stretch of the right-bank moraine. This pocket is a traditional place for setting up base camps when organizing ascents to the peaks of Communism 7495 meters above sea level, Russia 6875 meters above sea level, Ahmadi Donisha 6645 meters above sea level and other peaks of the region.
From here began the ascent to the peak of Communism in 1933.Above the mouth of the Oshanin Glacier along the axis of the Bivachny Glacier, a chain of huge calgaspores stretches for several kilometers, possibly the largest in the Pamirs.
The height of the icy teeth here reaches 20 meters or more.

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