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Grave site of Kazy batyr.

Historical monuments in Kazakhstan.

“A divine sermon needs a teacher,
This teacher must have a reliable student.
Working diligently, they should earn the highest gratitude.
Such lovers and devotees will be marked by the Almighty."

Hikmet Khoja Ahmed Yassavi.

Historical places in Kazakhstan.

Location of sacral place: in 2 km to the west of the Uryupinka village of the Akkol district, Akmola region. Data on sacral site: Kazy batyr is known not only as a man of great strength, but also as a fair, loyal, cordial and benevolent person.
Kazy Batyr - one of the outstanding batyrs of the middle Zhuz of the XVIIIth century, he was a famous ally of Ablai Khan, Yer Kabanbay and Bukhara Zhyrau in the fight against the Dzungar invaders. In 1750, the Dzungars made another attempt to seize the Kazakh land, making a raid and seizing a large number of livestock and property.
Given the difficult situation, Abylai Khan convenes a military council to which all the famous batyrs are invited. A joint decision is made to unite all forces and give a decisive rebuff. Soon, the combined forces were able to crush the enemy. In this battle, Kaza Batyr showed his strength very well.
The roots of Kaza Batyr from the Zhanibek Khan clan. Thanks to his courage and heroism in the fight against the Dzungars, he becomes a popular leader. In one of the battles of Qaza, the batyr heroically perishes, but his younger brother Noyan picks up the matter of protecting the fatherland from the enemy, who, continuing his brother’s affair, opposes the Dzungars at the head of the Qaza Batyr army. 
The force with which he was endowed by nature, the courageous character helped the Kaza batyr to win many battles.
After another victory over the Kalmyks, in a place near the present village of Uryupinka, he decides to settle in these parts. “My home will be here,” said Batyr, and he marked the place on earth with his saber. The rest supported him.
Since then, the famous batyr loved this place, was engaged in military art here, taught young horsemen to ride, taught to be resistant to the enemy, to be able to fight them back. Kazy batyr dies in winter. On the day of his death, as the people recalled, there was a strong snowstorm.
In this regard, it was not possible to deliver the body of the batyr to burial in Turkestan, so they decided to bury the body of Kaza Batyr, where he lived and died. Today, these regions are a place of pilgrimage for people who come to pay homage and pray for the great son of the Kazakh people.

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