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Horseback in Terskei Ala-Too.

Horse tours in mountains Tien-Shan.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end»

Ursula K. Le Guin. «The Left Hand of Darknes».

Short description of horse tours in mountains Tien-Shan at southern coast of lake Issyk Kul:

Village Tamga - valley Tamga-Tash – Gorge Barskoon – river Dzhany-Korgon – valley Chon-Tash – Arabel valley – Lakes Kochur-Tash – valley Chon-Tash – valley Kok-Moinok – hills Ak-Bel – valley Kek-Bulak – lake Ak-Tyuz – canyons “Story”.

Distance of route: 630 km.
Season: from 10 of July to 30 of August.
Best time for an excursion: July, August.
Duration of tour: 14 days. 13 nights.
By horse riding: 79 km.

Detailed program of tour day by day on horses in mountains Tien-Shan in Kyrgyzstan:

Hiking group in Kyrgyzstan.

Day 1. Bishkek.
Arrival in Bishkek, meeting at the airport, transfer to hotel (30 km), accommodation, rest. Breakfast. Excursion on town Bishkek, visiting of the main area of the country - Ala-Too. It is Ala-Too in translation from the Kyrghyz language means «Snow mountains», symbolizes the nature of the country which two thirds make mountains.
The area "Ala-Too" - the most popular place in city where are spent national open air celebrations, holidays, meetings and other actions. In the center of the area the 10-meter bronze sculptural monument to the hero of national epos Manas, monument to the Kirghiz writer Chingizu Aitmatov and black-and-white monument in memory of events 2002 and 2010 towers. On the area flutters 45 meter flag of Kyrgyzstan. Visiting State museum of History of Kyrgyzstan, Nikolskii churches, mosaic monument «Friendship of people» established in 1964, visiting of monument of Great Domestic war on the area the "Victory", established in 1985, by 40-th anniversary of victory over the Second world war.
Visiting of the Osh market, visiting of museum of Michael Frunze. After lunch the trip to gorge Is Ala-Archa (38 km). Walk in vicinities of natural park is Ala-Archa. Returning to Bishkek. Transfer to hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day 2. Bishkek - settlement Tamga (315 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer: Bishkek - settlement Tokmok – an architectural complex the Tower Burana (72 km).  Arrival on an architectural complex the Tower Burana, visiting of museum of history of complex, walk among ancient stone sculptures - Balbals, rise on tower of the Burana, view of vicinities from height of tower. Lunch in a way.
Transfer: the Tower Burana – village Tamga (243 km). Our way will pass through gorge Boomskoe along the river Chu. At once behind settlement Ton stop on coast of lake Issyk Kul, walk on coast of lake photographing.
Arrival in settlement Tamga, transfer to the guest house, accommodation, rest, walk on vicinities of settlement. Dinner and overnight.
Day 3. Village Tamga – valley Tamga-Tesh (12 km, 5 hours).
Breakfast. Today preparation for travel on horses, visiting of stable of horses, acquaintance to the housekeeping staff, the groom and the guide and the cook. Horses riding: settlement Tamga - mountains Chegedek 2200 above sea level - gorge Tamga. On way stop on picnic in natural boundary Tamga-Tash, walk to stone monuments of Buddhist culture, here on stones Buddhist inscriptions on huge stones were kept. Placing of camp, dinner, overnight in tents.
Day 4. Valley Tamga-Tesh - mountains Chegedek - river Dzhany-Korgon (14 km, 7 hours).
Breakfast. Horse riding: mountains Chegedeka - channel of the river Dzholborstu - mountain tourist base «Kotur». Rest, picnic. The further horses riding: mountain tourist base «Kotur» - falls on the river Barskoon. Stop on lodging for the night in area of merge of the rivers Barskoon and Dzhany-Korgon 2600 meters above sea level. Placing of camp, dinner, overnight in tents.
Day 5. River Dzhany-Korgon - gorge Barskoon - pass Djungereme (13 km, 6 hours).
Breakfast. Horse riding: falls on the river Barskoon - gorge Dungereme - an output under pass Dyungereme of 3773 meters above sea level. Picnic, rest at rocks under pass. Horse riding of pass, descent in valley Bel of 3300 meters above sea level.  Placing of camp, dinner, overnight in tents.
Day 6. Valley Bel - valley Chon-Tash (8 km, 3 hours).
Breakfast. Horses riding: valley Bel - valley Chon-Tash 2800 meters above sea level. Chon-Tash in translation from the Kyrgyz language - the Big Stone. Here us will be midday of rest. Foot walk on vicinities among rocks. Lunch on the way. Placing of camp, dinner, overnight in tents.
Day 7. Valley Chon-Tash - lakes Kochur-Tash - Arabel syrt (6 km, 5 hours).
Breakfast. Horse riding in valley Dzhuukuchak and further to pass Dzhuuku of 3633 meters above sea level, visit to of color lakes Kochur-Tash and panoramas Arabel syrts. Lucnh in a way. Returning in camp. Placing of camp, dinner, overnight in the tents.
Day 8. Arabel syrts - valley Chon-Tash - valley Cook-Moinok (12 km, 7 hours).
Breakfast. Horses riding: valley Chon-Tash - river Dzhuuku - mountain Ittish of 4808 meters above sea level. Picnic in a way to a place the Cook-Moinok. Placing of camp, dinner, overnight in the tents.
Day 9. Valley Cook-Moinok - gorge Dzhuuku - massif Ak-Bel (10 km, 5 hours).
Breakfast. Horse riding: mountain Ittish - gorge Dzhuuku, from zone of wood we leave in zone of the Alpine meadows - file Ak-Bel of 2400 meters above sea level. Picnic with contemplation of panorama of lake Issyk Kul. Placing of camp, dinner, overnight in the tents.
Day 10. Valley Ak-Bel - pass Chychkan - valley Chon-Dzhyrgylchak - place Kek-Bulak (10 km, 7 hours).
Breakfast. Horse riding: massif A-Bel - pass Chychkan - natural boundary Chon-Dzhyrgylchak - place Kek-Bulak of 2400 meters above sea level. Lunch in a way. Placing of camp, dinner, overnight in the tents.
Day 11. Valley Kek-Bulak - valley Cook-Djaiyk - valley Kichi-Bel (9 km, 6 hours).
Breakfast. Horses riding: place Kek-Bulak - mountain woods Chon-Dzhargylchak - natural boundary the Cook-Djaiyk - natural boundary Kichi-Bel of 2300 meters above sea level. Lunch in a way. Placing of camp, dinner, overnight in the tents.
Day 12. Valley Kichi-Bel - lake Ak-Tyuz (10 km, 5 hours).
Breakfast. Horses riding: valley Kichi-Bel - lake Ak-Tyuz. Ak-Tyuz in translation from the Kirghiz language - White hills - lambing barn Tosor - returning to place of the beginning of horses riding in settlement Tamga. Lunch in a way. Accommodation in the guest house, gala dinner upon termination of horses riding. At will a bath, overnight.
13 Day. Settlement Tamga - сanyons “Story”- Bishkek (315 km). 
Breakfast. Transfer: settlement Tamga - canyon the "Story" (19 km). On way to Bishkek visiting of canyon "Fairy tale", walk on a canyon. The further transfer: canyon the "Fairy tale" - town of  Bishkek (296 km). Arrival in Bishkek, transfer to hotel, evening walk on city. Dinner and overnight.
Day 14. East market in Bishkek – departure from Bishkek.
Breakfast. The Free time in Bishkek. Visiting of East market. Seeing to airport "Manas" (30 km), departure from Bishkek.

Photos by
Vasiliy, equestrian club, Tamga village.