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Hunting and Fishing in Kazakhstan.

A passion for hunting has brought several breeds of animal to the very brink of extinction in Kazakhstan. The hunting of eagle, snow leopard, kulan, saiga antelope, dzheyran, Tien Shan brown bear, red wolf and Turkestan lynx is now completely banned.
Annual quotas have been imposed on hunting other animals, but they are largely ignored by poachers. Thus, only a few arkhar (argali wild sheep) may be shot each year at a cost of US$ l6 000 each; ibex, maral and Siberian wolf are a bit cheaper.
Hunting is seasonal, restricted to a few species and numbers as well as to certain limited areas. Waterfowl, black cock, partridge and quail can be hunted at certain times and places.
Fishing in Kazakhstan. 
Fishing is a popular hobby among Kazakhstanis, partly for the opportunity it provides for fresh air and to picnic socially around a small campfire. The fact that rivers such as the Ural, Ili and the Black Irtysh, and lakes such as Balkhash, Alakol and Zaysan, as well as the Caspian Sea, are rich in fish and can provide a good source of income, has led to the growth in fishing trips and related tourism for foreign tourists.
Many tour operators in all the major cities now offer a variety of excellent fishing trips, especially to catch monster fishes such as the catfish, sturgeon and battling pike-perch. In recent years, due to the decimation of some stocks, certain fish, for example sturgeon, may only be caught in accordance with the "catch & release" system.

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