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Jumard kassab hill on Mizdakhan.

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“I'm afraid that we will not get into this world again,
And there we won't find our friends behind the coffin.
Let's feast this moment while we are alive.
Maybe a moment will pass - we will all go away forever”

Omar Khayam.

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Jumard kassab hill (Zhomard kassal) is located in the center of a natural hill 104.6 meters above sea level in the central part of the necropolis of Mizdakhan, 4.4 kilometers to the west and slightly south of the city of Khojeyli, 1.4 kilometers to the northeast from the ancient settlement Gyaur kala (Khojeli) in the Khojeli region of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.
Each monument of the complex is fanned with legends and traditions, in which vague silhouettes of heroes, mythical images of bygone eras come to life. There is also a legend about the Jumard Kassab monument, II - XIV centuries. AD
According to legend, a rich man named Jumard once lived here. He was a butcher and became famous for the fact that in a lean year he distributed fresh meat to the population of the area free of charge. In addition, Saint Jumard is the patron saint of pastoralists.
And, if the loss of livestock began, the animals are driven to the hill and chased seven times around the hill. Scientists associate the origin of the name "Jumard" with the ancient Iranian mythical hero Gavmard, associated with a bull ("gav" - a bull, "mard" - a man, that is, the first man of the Zoroastrian cosmogony, who lived in Ayryan Vejo (Khorezm) on the banks of the sacred river Daytiy (Amu Darya).
The location of the ancient hillock in the middle of a vast enclosure and ossuary finds of the 2nd - 3rd centuries. on it they meet the prescriptions of one of the sacred Zoroastrian books and do not exclude the possibility of using it as a "sanctuary" dedicated to Gavmard.
Geographic coordinates of the hill Jumard kassab (Jomard kassal): N42 ° 24'06.32 "E59 ° 23'23.46"

Alexander Petrov.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.