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Karkaraly lakes.

Tours from Karaganda to Mangyshlak.

"Suddenly the breeze abated,
And again I'm happy:
The space at the mirror is wide,
Willows look into the water"

Anatoly Bolutenko.

Tours from Karaganda to Balkhash lake.

Karkaraly mountains are famous for their lakes, which can be divided into two types - steppe and mountain. The first group includes Zhartas, Ashikol, Shangel, Bastibay, Koytas, Taskol, Shalkarbay and others. They are highly saline and stand out among the yellow hills with a white coating of salts on the shore.
Chertovo's Lake, or Shaitankol, in the steppe shallow hills is considered a mountain pond. Everything, both the lake itself and the forests adjacent to it, are beautiful, from them the mystery of ancient legends blows like that. They are divided into two groups, steppe and mountain.
The first group includes those located in the vicinity of the mountain range at a distance of 10 - 20 km. These are Zhartas, Aeshchol, Shengel, Schunkurkol, Baytarkol. They are drainless, highly saline and stand out among the hills with a white coating of salts along the banks.
Many of them dry out in dry years. Another group - consisting of five lakes in the Karkaraly boron - Big and Small Schuchye, Pashennoye, Shaitankol (Devil's Lake), Bassein. The first three lakes lie in the valleys at the foot of the mountains and feed, in addition to precipitation, also underground springs.
The damn lake rests in a hollow surrounded by a number of hills, and the pool is hidden in the crack of a lonely, isolated peak. The most beautiful lake is Shaitankol. On the shore of Lake Pashennoye a health complex was built, a 3-story light building of Shakhtar miners from Karaganda.
Lake Big Shchuchye is located at an altitude of 825 meters above sea level, from the top of the nearby hills you can see the lake and the city - there is a good swimming. The area of ​​the lake is 2.23 sq. Km, length, 2.3 km, width 1.5 km, depth 4.6 meters. Interesting and beautiful Lake Bessein.

 Advertising booklet of Karkaraly National Park, 2003.

Alexander Petrov.