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Karst rocks of West Kazakhstan region.

Traveling in Atyrau region.

“In nature, a person must draw rules for his behavior if he wants to be completely happy”

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A trip to West Kazakhstan region.

The mountain region of Small Bogdo is located on the territory of the Bokeyordyn district of the West Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 26 kilometers northeast of Lake Baskunchak and is a salt dome elevation.
The height of the Small Bogdo mountain is 37 meters above sea level. It consists of a complex stretching in the latitudinal direction, low hills. The length of the rise is about 3.5 kilometers. The highest point is isolated in the form of a hill and is located on the eastern edge of the uplift.
The local name of this hill is “Dzhaman-tau” (from Kazakh - “bad, rotten mountain”). The karst of this uplift is associated with the emergence on the surface of keprok karst rocks, represented by strongly dislocated, gray, thick and layered, large and granular gypsums of the Lower Permian age (P1kg).
The gypsum on the surface is eroded. Karst gypsum on top is overlain by Upper Permian limestones (dense, light, homogeneous). Gypsum karst with natural meltwater. Groundwater is shallow. The karst relief is represented by surface forms: carrots, ponors, funnels and hollows.
Caves and other underground karst forms on the uplift of Small Bogdo have not yet been found.

Authority: "Caves of the Northern Caspian" I. V. Golovachev Astrakhan State University; Astrakhan branch of the Russian Geographical Society 414052, Astrakhan, ul. Artelnaya, 16. E-mail:

Alexander Petrov.