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Khojamberdybiy Madrasah in Khiva.

History of architecture of Uzbekistan.

“Incompatible, we are always full of desires:
In one hand - a glass, the other - on the Koran.
And so here we live under the arch of blue:
Demigods and semi-Muslims "

Omar Khayyam.

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Was built in 1688 in Ichan-Qala near the eastern gate Palvan Darvaza in front of  Alla Quli Khan Madrassah. In 1834 Alla Quli Khan built a new larger mosque, and the existing one was partially demolished and rebuilt.
As a result two small yards separated from each other were formed and the madrassah received was named Hurjun because it was similar to a leather floppy bag - hurjun. 
In madrassas there are 16 hujras and domed square room – darskhona classroom.
Entrance doors are decorated with wood carvings.