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Khorezm-shah Madrasah in Khiva.

 Tours over the most ancient history of the Central Asia.

"Why is the Almighty Creator of our bodies
I did not want to give us immortality?
If we are perfect, why die?
If they are imperfect, then who is the males?”

Omar Khayyam.

Coach tour from Khiva to Bukhara.

Khorezm-shah Madrasah constructions of 1915. It is erected by the son the Arab of Mukhammad-khan, Ilbars, under the order of Khivan khan Isfandijara about tomb Khorezm-shah. Khorezm-shah, killed in 1622.
One-storeyed madrasah it is extended from the south on the north. Here there is a winter mosque and 12 khudjr. In 1918 Isfandiyar-khan has been killed by Turkmens and buried in one of these khudjr.
When empire it has been cancelled, in a building madrasah the school has opened.

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