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Khudjand fortress.

Tourist places of interest of Khudjand.

Khujand fortress – (III century B.C.) it has the form a high hill, fastened by defensive walls and gates. It existed several centuries and it was destroyed in the XII century but later restored.
In the middle of the northern part of the city, not far from the Syr Darya River, near present-day Kamol Khujandi City Park, there is a fortress that was built in approximately 7-8th century A.D.
The fortress occupied an area of approximately 300 х 200m and was surrounded by a thick mud wall. Later it was destroyed, but at the beginning of the XIIIth century it was partially restored.
The Museum of Archaeology and Fortification is now in the fortress area. It is known that in the XVIIIh century Khujand was a walled city, and this wall has been partially preserved on the western and eastern sides of the present-day city.
Once the city walls were about 6km in length but now there is only a little over 1km left of them. 

Khudjand fortress.Khudjand fortress.Khudjand fortress.Khudjand fortress.Khudjand fortress.Khudjand fortress.Picture gallery on a fence of cement works in Dushanbe, the basic events of history of Tajikistan, portraits outstanding and historic figures here are represented.

Javad Abed Khorasani.

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