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Kogershin Rock in Bayanaul.

Cultural heritage tourism in Bayanaul.

“All nature wears one universal grin” 

Henry Fielding.

Equine tourism in Bayanaul park.

There is cautionary legend about the Kogershin Rock. Long ago, people herded cattle along the Toraigyr Lake. Once Tasbas, a rich local man, decided to expand his pastures and demanded that the Aidabol clan move out of the lake.
The clan did not want to comply with this unjust demand, however, and a bloody battle began. When Tasbas’s sister Kogershin (dove), the mother of nine sons, heard about this, she rushed to the battlefield with a desire to reconcile the fighting.
There was no horse nearby and she sat down on a riding camel. The camel was very slow, however, and she turned into a dove and flew to the site of the battle. The warriors were throwing weapons where she was flying and began to reconcile.
They were ashamed of the unnecessary bloodshed and cursed Tasbas. Thereafter, Tasbas turned into a lonely stone Tas that today is situated near the new road between Zhasybai and Toraigyr. When peace came, the dove sat on a rock and became petrified, giving it the name Kogershin.
The dead warriors lying on the steppe turned into boulders. According to the stories, local people driving along the road scold in the direction of the Tas and say kind wishes to the dove rock. There are many legends about Bayanaul and famous people of this region.
All the tales are imbued with folk wisdom and some special perception of the world.

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