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Lakes of the Almaty reserve.

Silk Road Adventures in Kazakhstan.

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Lakes of the Almaty reserve are located in upper courses of the large rivers follow from glaciers recover thin and zavalny lakes.
The largest lake Muzkol is in riverheads Issyk at the height of 3600 meters above sea level, its area makes 46300 square meters, depth reaches 25, 5 meters.
In collecting area there are two lakes landslide Issyk and Akkol of a tectonic origin. The most beautiful lake Issyk in original state existed till 1963.
In the hot July afternoon the destructive selevy stream broke through a natural dam in a few minutes and erased a picturesque mountain miracle from the earth.
The remained east gulf of the lake slowly is replenished now with water and gradually increases on the area.

The Issyk lake.The Akkol lake.The Issyk lake.The Issyk lake.The Issyk lake.The Issyk lake.The Akkol lake.The Issyk lake.The Issyk lake.

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Alexander Petrov and Sergei Mikhalkov.