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Lakes in Kazakhstan.

Tours over lakes of Kazakhstan.

“Nature will tell you a direct lie if she can” 

Charles Darwin.

Summer horse and riding tours Kazakhstan.

There are more than 48 thousand lakes in Kazakhstan. The largest amongst them are the Aral Sea, Balkhash, Zaisan, Alakol, Tengiz, Seletengiz. Almost all lakes are closed. Water in the majority of lakes is saline, and most of them are used for salt extraction.
One of the peculiarities of Kazakhstan is the uneven distribution on the territory of the republic. Depending on the climatic conditions the number of lakes diminishes from north to south. 
The number of fresh-water lakes diminishes towards the south and the number of saline lakes increases. Large number of lakes is situated in the Caspian and Turan Lowlands, Western-Siberian Valley, in the lowlands of Saryarka and south-eastern mountainous areas.
At present there are more than 4 thousand reservoirs in Kazakhstan with the total area of 10 thousand km2. They accumulate the fresh-water reserves of 90 km3. Most of the reservoirs are located in Central, Southern and Eastern Kazakhstan. These are Bukhtarma, Kapchagai, Shardara, Samarkand, Bugun, Akkol, Molodezhnoe, Sherubai-Nura, Kengir, Ust-Kamenogorsk reservoirs and others.

Lake Yazevoe. Katon-Karagai national park. The East Kazakhstan of province.Lake Akkol in Kostanayi of province.The First lake Sibiny. Ore Altai. The East Kazakhstan of province.First lake Kolsai. Mountains Kungei of Ala-Tau. Almaty of province.lake Rakhmany. Katon-Karagayi national park. The East Kazakhstan of province.Lake on floods of Syr-Darya. Kyzylorda of province.Lake Kombash. The Aral area. Kyzylorda of province.Lake Kaindy. National park Kolsai. Almaty of province.Third lake Sibiny. Ore Altai. The East Kazakhstan of province.Lake Bilikol. Zhambyl of province.Lake Zhasylkol. Dzungarian Ala-Tau. The East Kazakhstan of province.Lake Big Almaty. Zailiyskiy Ala-Tau. National park Ile-Alatau. Almaty of province.Lake Balkhash. Zhambyl of province.

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Alexander Petrov.