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Lakes of reserve Aksu-Zhabagly

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“The earth is smoking. Couples go up
The mirror surface of the lakes is only for the time being, -
The sound of the reeds will merge into one motif,
The whist of a bird's wing and the sound of dombra"

Saken Saifullin.

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In territory of reserve there are 23 small lakes. In reserve it is few greater lakes, that is characteristic for all Western Tien-Shan. There are only small reservoirs the area in some tens the square meters, formed near to glaciers, where the rivers collapses and landslips.
Such lakes Kyzyl-Zhar, Kyzolgenkol and Ainakol. The Total area of lakes of reserve makes more than 0.27 km. Distribution of lakes to territories of reserve is an interval of heights from 2500 3500 m, i.e. the greatest quantity of lakes is concentrated in the areas adjoining zones of a modern congelation of mountains.
Above and below these high-altitude intervals the quantity of lakes sharply decreases. Lakes of reserve in intervals of heights from 3000 up to 3500 are presented basically Shunkulduk 3422 meters above sea level, Buguluturkol 3400 meters above sea level and to territory of reserve lake Korumtor of 3189 meters above sea level.
Outside of limits of distribution of last congelation there are lakes of other genetic types.
More often it lakes. Basically, it is large lakes Kokuyrum of 2506 meters above sea level, Koksay bottom "Heart" of 2542 meters above sea level, Zhasyl 2420 meters above sea level, and also a circuit of lakes Koksay from 2620 up to 2700 meters above sea level.
The bottom lake circle is presented by small lakes origins - Kyzylgenkol 2150 meters above sea level and Ainakol 2360 meters above sea level.

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Photos by:
Alexander Petrov.