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Legend about Akyrtas.

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"Remember: in every myth there is a grain of truth that can again become our daily bread."

Stanislav Jerzy Lec.

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According to one of the local legends, the city of Akyrtas was built by Manas and his son Simai - the son threw stones from distant mountains, the father trimmed them and folded them. After completing the building, they lived in it until the death of Manas, after which Simai settled on the bank of Talas, 25 kilometers from the city of Aulie-Ata.
When he died, a bridge was built from his bones across the Talas River in the Tekturmas area. According to another legend, the giant Alan-Khazar fell in love with a girl who did not want to marry him before he built a city and a palace for her.
For this, Alan-Khazar brought stones from the Buttam-Buinak mountains, hewn them and began construction. Having finished it, he also wanted to dig the Buttam-Buinak mountains and lead the Talas river past his city, since the area was arid and deserted.
On one of his trips to the mountains, he met another beauty who he liked more and was more accommodating - he stayed with her, leaving the building. After the death of the giant, a bridge was built from his legs across the Amu Darya beyond Samarkand.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.