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Legend about Irtysh river.

By cars from Ust-Kamenogorsk to Irtysh river.

“Two things control men`s nature, instinct and experience”

Blaise Pascal.

Trips from Markakol lake to Irtysh river.

Speak about the river Irtysh, during old times at the governor Nogai people was two sons of the successor. The senior son has appeared more strongly and has grasped the country right after death of the father, and the younger son has appointed prince Shad.
Shad very strongly envied the senior brother, and once has made attempt at its life. Attempt of murder is not has gone right, and the younger brother ran, having taken with itself the woman the slave.
Long they wandered on steppe, yet do not send in addition up to the deep river in which was a lot of fish, and in woods around it is a lot of game. Here they have settled down and began to live, extracting itself food hunting.
After a while hearings about the successful hunter have reached their distant relatives from among Nogais, and to Shads have joined seven person which called Imi, Imek, Tatar, Bayander, Kypchak, Lanikaz and Adzhlad.
Shad was the free person, and these seven served on the owners Hunnys, grazed their cattle. Cattle was so much, that animals have eaten all grass, and shepperds come over to the opposite party of the river where lived Shad with the family.
When men have approached on house Shads, the woman has left it towards and has told: "Er, Tus! " «Stop, people if you send with the world!» So the river has received the name, «Ertis» or "Irtysh" in Russian writing.

Irtysh river.Irtysh river.Irtysh river.Irtysh river.Irtysh river.

«25 legends and legends about East-Kazakhstan of province». Tourist information centre of management of tourism and external communications East-Kazakhstan of province.

Alexander Petrov.