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Legend about Kent palace.

Legends of the Karkaraly Mountains.

“To become a legend, you must first die”

Elizabeth Taylor.

Tours from Karaganda to Dolinka village.

Once upon a time lived in the steppe Khan Auke. His daughter grew up, the beauty of Nezhde. Somehow another khan, the old Contage, happened to be visiting Auke. He saw a young beauty and she sunk deep into his head.
The lord of the Zabalkhash steppes decided to woo Nezhde. At home, he collected gifts for the khan and his daughter, equipped a caravan, and the matchmakers went. Contage promised a good kalym, and although his daughter was crying, Auke's heart did not tremble.
The beautiful Nezhde had to leave her father’s house. According to the old custom, the bride went to the groom with a dowry. A large caravan left, some camels with a good to fifty, a retinue of forty girls and forty horsemen, and even slaves and slaves for services.
Two batyrs guarded the beauty: Kalmyk and Kazakh. While going, late autumn came. As soon as they came to the mountains of Kent, it got colder, it began to snow. For two days a blizzard raged and so much white fluff fell from the sky that a caravan fell asleep.
No one could move. Everyone thought that death had come, and weeping rose. Woke Nezhde batyrs who slept under a nightmare and did not know about the trouble. Then they got up, squared their shoulders and said to each other: “Let's fight, it will become warm, we will warm people”.
And such it was, powerful and powerful batyrs. As long as we fought, there was so much heat from them that the clothes of people thawed, and then the snow disappeared. Streams flowed. It was time to stop, but the wrestlers entered the rage.
They forgot that at first they grabbed a joke. The Kazakh batyr of Kalmyk fell to death. As Nezhde saw this, she was angry, wanted to send a brave man to her father. But she looked at the winner and the anger passed. The young Kazakh fell in love with her. And she said to Nezhde: "We will winter here, build a house."
The servants did not dare to disobey the Khan's daughter. Lively set to work, built a palace out of stones and named it Kyzyl-Kent. In spring, the lovers broke up, but they say - when a storm rises in the mountains, the soul of the batyr yearns...


Alexander Petrov.