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Legend about Okshy-ata.

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"If myth collides with myth, it is an eminently real clash"

Stanislav Jerzy Lec.

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According to legend, Okshy-ata (according to some versions, his real name is Ibrahim, according to others - Kogentup) was born in Mecca. During his wanderings, he arrived on the banks of the Syr Darya, became the adopted son of an old man and an old woman.
He received the name Okshy due to the fact that he was a weapons master of the Oguz khan (Kazakh oshy - “a master who makes arrows or bullets”). There is an assumption that the famous philosopher Bayazid Bestami lived in the city of Bestam, where Okshy-ata's workshop was located, and communicated closely with him. In folk legends, Okshy-ata defended his native land from foreign invaders, did not hurt the poor and the poor, always stood up for the weak.
There is a legend about his glory as a saint and another version of the origin of the name. In those days, the Kalmyk Khan Tokbura lived. Every day a ram was brought to him and a girl was brought. Once Kogentup gathered in Turkestan.
The adoptive parents asked him what to do if his step-sister's turn came. He ordered them to slaughter and boil the ram and, while the khan was eating it, shout his name (Kogentup) three times. The parents did just that.
After they shouted "Kogentup" for the third time, Tokbura fell down dead. When he returned, Kogentup said that when they shouted his name for the first time, he turned around to the call, when they shouted the second time, he put grains on his palm, and after the third time he blew, and 6 grains stuck into Tokbura's chest like bullets.
Therefore, it was named Okshy.


Photos by
Alexander Petrov.