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The legend of Ak-Saray.

Legends of Shahrisabz.

“Legends are not born out of the blue, unlike gossip”

Myths about Shahrisabz.

There is a legend about the construction of Ak-Saray. After the defeated campaign on Khorezm, Temur wished to build a magnificent palace in Shakhrisabz. The most skillful architect took up work and a beautiful palace was really built. Delighted with the construction of the palace, Amir Temur asked the architect if he could build even better. And he, intoxicated with glory, having forgotten caution, said he could. And then Amir Temur ordered to take the builder to one of the towers of Ak-Saray and tie him to two eagles. Together with him was attached a slave who received a secret order, when the birds took off, the slave cut the ropes and the architect crashed.


Alexander Petrov.