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Legend of Akshora and Beltoran.

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"Love and happiness must be pursued persistently, and not expected in doubts - this is the steppe law."

Legends of Mangyshlak.

The legend of the lovers Akshora and Beltoran is told. In ancient times, various tribes roamed the land of Mangystau. Some put up with the neighborhood of other tribes. Others were at enmity with each other, wishing to win back more convenient places for nomadism, in the vicinity of springs, the coast of the sea, with free pastures for livestock.
It happened that the division of summer and winter pastures ended in blood feud. And so it has been for centuries. It happened in ancient times that the aul of Talasbay was located next to the nomad camp of Durdy Klych.
Both watered their livestock from one small lake, popularly called "Kara Tural (Turan)", formed as a result of the accumulation of rain and melt water. And they lived peacefully. On the coast of this lake, the son of Talasbay Beltoran and the daughter of Durda Klych - Akshora once met.
They came down here to drink plenty of camels, thirsty during the summer heat. Standing on the opposite shores of this lake, they met their eyes and without further ado realized that they had fallen in love with each other.
From that time on, without saying a word, but wanting to see each other, they came every evening to the shore of the lake. Very soon it became known about the meetings of the young at the lake in the villages of Talasbay and Durdy. Durdy Klych was worried about the honor of his daughter.
He had one, the only one. And the father very much wanted his daughter's happiness with a rich horseman. Beltorana did not see his daughter in the role of a worthy couple. One of the nights, completely unexpected for all the villagers of Durdy, Klych left the nomad and left in an unknown direction.
As soon as the evening of the next day descended to the ground, Beltoran again went to the lake. For a long time the young man stood waiting for his beloved. But Akshora did not appear either this evening or the next.
Beltoran was depressed. The father of the young man Tolasbai noticed that his son was wilting. But he only said: "Love and happiness must be pursued persistently, and not expected in doubts - this is the steppe law." Akshora also suffered, being taken away from her native land.
The father, seeing his daughter's sadness, organized a matchmaking. Grooms from different auls began to come to the yurt of Durda Klych, boasting of their heroic merits. In indignation, suitors left for their auls. Akshora did not want to talk to them.
Beltoran was the only one who loved her. It is not for nothing that they say that the news in the steppe is carried by the wind. The news of Akshora's matchmaking reached Beltoran. He also recognized the parking place of Durdy Klych. Without thinking twice, he went to the camp of Durdy Klych.
There were no boundaries to the happiness of Akshora, who was waiting day and night for her beloved and did not know how to report herself hundreds of miles separating them. Happy lovers met. But the happiness of the young was short-lived.
They knew that Durdy Klych would not bless his daughter to marry Beltoran. And the young people decided to run away. When the night fell to the ground, the young ones saddled the fast horses and set off further from the place of nomadism.
But it was difficult to lull the vigilance of his father, the old hunter. He heard the pounding of horses and immediately felt that something was wrong. He quickly gathered in pursuit the grooms-zhigits who, on the slope of the cliff, by the very lake where the young people met, overtook the fugitives.
Not wanting to part, the lovers threw themselves off the cliff into the abyss that engulfed them forever. For a long time the trail disappeared Lakes of Sorrow - the lake shores dried up, overgrown with grass. There are only two mausoleums not far from each other, recalling the tragic love.
Many Mangistau residents, remembering this legend, call the neighboring necropolises “Akshora-Beltoran”.

Authority and photo:
Natalya Zaderetskaya "Tupkaragan - the cradle of Mangystau".