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Legend of Avicenna.

Legends of Bukhara.

“I often believe more legends and myths than official history. The legend always exaggerates, but never lies, and the story changes every time with the change of power "

William Somerset Maugham. "The moon and a penny"

Trip from Tashkent to Bukhara.

In Bukhara, even now one can hear instructive legends about Avicenna about him. In one of them, it is told that, having grown old, Ibn Sina prepared forty medicines capable of resurrecting a dead body. The great healer took from his disciple the word that he would, after the death of Ibn Sina, revive him by applying these forty medicines in a certain sequence.
Soon the scientist died, and the student began to work. As a result of the action of the drugs, the old man's body became more and more young and fresh. When it was necessary to apply the contents of the last vessel with medicine, instead of a decrepit old man, there was a beautiful young man who seemed to be waking up and talking before the stunned apprentice.
The agitated student began to bring the last, fortieth medicine to the teacher’s body, but because of the strong excitement he was unable to hold the vessel with a wonderful composition in its hands. The vessel slipped from his hands and crashed...

 "100 Great Secrets of the East."