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The legend of the camel Kokshetau.

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“A lot of legends, a lot of people, have come before me. But this is my time”

Usain Bolt.

The ancient epos of the Kazakh people.

The people preserved a poetic legend about a camel who lived in the vicinity of Kokshetau. In ordinary peacetime, the handsome Bura grazes near Kokshetau - Blue Mountain, drinking cool water from a forest lake.
But honey forbs did not dull his instinct for a moment - he was the first to predict the camel’s came the approach of national disaster - and then he took off, like a tulpar (a horse with wings in Kazakh mythology), to the top of Kokshetau and with a mighty roar warned people of imminent danger.
In addition to the camel, only the powerful Khan Ablai climbed the impregnable peak to see the borders of his possessions in the blue smoke himself. Once, the son of Ablai, the conceited Kasymkhan, shot a camel from the bow of a camel into the heart.
The mortally wounded Bura did not crawl to the living water of his beloved lake, and after death became stone. Until now, near the Yasnaya Polyana Bay, you can see a granite rock resembling the outlines of a two-humped camel...

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