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Legend of Shergazi Khan.

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"Being gullible is stupid and dangerou
And the credulous is the path of suffering
But see without reasonable grounds
Around deception - no less terrible"

Lope de Vega.

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According to legend, the madrasah was built by slaves captured after the successful march of Shergazi Khan on Khorasan. Together with the booty, he brought 5,000 prisoners. Shergazi Khan promised to free the prisoners after the construction of the madrasah was completed.
The masonry was completed in one year, but Shergazi Khan delayed the end of the building. Then the enraged captives killed the khan in an unfinished madrasah. The mausoleum of Shergazi Khan is attached to the western corner of the main facade of the madrasa.
The date of the end of the building is encrypted by the historian Munis in a verse chronogram - “I accept death from slaves”.

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