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Legends about Aisha Bibi.

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To become a legend, you must first die"

Elizabeth Taylor.

Ancient legends of Kazakhstan.

There are 28 different versions of the Aisha Bibi legends. One of them is about Aisha Bibi's love for her fiancé. According to the most common one, Aisha Bibi was the daughter of the famous scientist and poet of the 11th century Hakim Suleimen Bakyrgani.
After his death, she was brought up by Sheikh Aykozha. Once the ruler of Taraz, Karakhan Muhammad (in whose honor the mausoleum of Karakhan was erected in Taraz) asked her hand in marriage, but her teacher did not agree.
Then she fraudulently went to Taraz. Unfortunately, her fiancé was never able to see her again, as she died on the banks of the Asa River from the bite of a snake hidden in her headdress. Grieving over the girl's death, Karakhan erected a mausoleum of fabulous beauty in revenge for her death.
Fellow traveler Aisha Bibi Babaji Khatun became the keeper of the mausoleum and after her death was buried 20 steps from Aisha Bibi in the mausoleum of Babaji Khatun. The next legend says: Aisha-Bibi, the poet's daughter, was waiting for her betrothed, returning from the battlefield with victory.
Having received the news that the army was already very close, the girl, saddling the horse, rushed to meet him. The impatience of expectation was so great that the girl's heart could not stand it and she closed her eyes in the arms of her lover.
The grief of the groom was boundless... And then the unknown architect decided to tell the dark about great love. Eight centuries have passed since then over the tomb of Aisha-Bibi. Time did not spare the stones. But even what remains, one wall with a pointed arch of the entrance and two dilapidated columns, is striking in its beauty and grace.
According to legend and well-known legends, the daughter of the famous poet and scientist of the XIIth century Khakim-Ata is buried in the mausoleum, who suddenly died during a visit to her fiance Kara-Khan. Folk legends brought to us the poetic legend of love and devotion of the young beauty Aisha to the brave warrior Kara-Khan.
The beautiful Aisha was the daughter of a noble person Hakim-Ata, popularly called Zengy Baba, a student of Ahmed Yassaui. 16-year-old Aisha Karakhan fell in love at first sight. The incomparable Aisha was also inflamed with passion for Karakhan.
Aisha's father refused to give his daughter to Karakhan, who, although he was a khan, was not a very noble family. The saddened young man left for his native places, the lands of his family were in the area of ​​modern Taraz. Having warned mother Anuar Anna, but not having achieved the blessing of her father, Aisha got ready for the road.
“You will cross six rivers, but you cannot cross the seventh,” her father told her after her. Aisha crossed six rivers. Before the seventh she stopped, remembering her father's spell.

She hurried to her love,
And forty virgins, like forty roses,
They created a wreath for her. Wore
Ominous, sending frost,
She was destroyed on the doorstep
To make your dreams come true.
Did the Gods laugh
And all efforts are in vain? You,
Striving for him, she loved him
Six rivers passed, and the seventh.
The snake worn by
Envy in my chest, Love killed...

Father's spell came true. The bite of the snake crawling out from under the stone was fatal. The dead beauty Aisha-Bibi was buried right there. Her inseparable nanny, her friend Babaja-Khatun, became the guardian of the grave.
Devotion to her mistress knew no bounds. Therefore, when Babaja died, she was buried nearby. Karakhan arrived too late ... Shocked and heartbroken, Karakhan ordered to erect a mausoleum on the hill on the grave of his beloved beauty, thereby inscribing the name of Aisha in eternity.
Since then, as sparing no money, your dear coupon has lifted here so that it can be seen from the alley from where he threw the bridge of gentle rainbows into the twenty-first... Karakhan is said to have lived a long life. He had several wives, but their names have not been brought to us by history.
Dying, Karakhan bequeathed to bury himself in a place from where Aisha's mausoleum could be seen.

Again I connected them here,
Wedding ceremony, completing the union
Two lovers. I asked about them
That teacher of the Muses,
Which by its fate
I managed to save Love so
For a millennium
I was able to convey Love to them.
For ten centuries the mausoleum of Karakhan and Aisha Bibi were the tallest buildings in Taraz.
To those who managed to remember forever
Than glorious these domes,
Two mausoleums to fill
Will be able to with the truth of the body:
"Love is as strong as death"
Let me remind you, - so said the wise Solomon, During it.
Here love will fulfill its law in Eternity.

The mausoleum itself looks incredibly light and graceful. For more than eight centuries, it has stood against the winds and bad weather as a witness of great love. Today, women come to the mausoleum to ask for marital happiness and motherhood.
All the brides who have been here say that they experienced the extraordinary influence of the aura that emanates from the carved walls of the mausoleum. According to legend, in ancient times, sounds and voices in the building were echoed at a distance of 50 - 100 meters.
For ten centuries the mausoleum of Karakhan and Aisha-Bibi were the tallest buildings in Taraz.

One thousand years have passed
And those who love all live...
Joyful children in love,
They come from the subtle world.
Aisha-Bibi, child of Islam,
Arabic words, having comprehended the ligature,
Heals his wounds
And, he loves again, without being afraid
No snakes, no secular separation.
Has comprehended the ancient meaning of Life
The simple essence of earthly science,
Love manifested thought
Love is alive. And the gods are right
Who tore you apart that time
Now I have comprehended that parting
The eternal ice is not eternal,
Winter will pass, back in your arms
Your beloved will take you
And a grain of resurrected love
Will begin to sprout in souls here
And he will write new songs
Will teach everyone to shine with happiness.

It is believed that those who visit the mausoleum of the "eternal bride" on the wedding day will live happily ever after. Newlyweds in Taraz and nearby districts regularly visit the mausoleum of Aisha-Bibi and Karakhan on their wedding day, as if passing them a message from each other...

The book "Kazakhstan tarikhy" (History of Kazakhstan".

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.