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The list of motor vehicles for customs at entrance to Republic Kazakhstan.

List of the driver and motor vehicle necessary for travel by the machine to Kazakhstan.

Surname, name
Date of a birth
Number the passport, date of issue, date of expiry, by whom it is given out
The address of a registration
Mark of the car
№ log of the car
№ the engine of the car
№ Body of the car
Color of the car
Year of release of the car
Volume of the engine of the car
State number of a motor vehicle.

To this list of motor vehicles it is necessary to give on each machine (in plastic file):

1. The returnable obligation on import\export of a vehicle in\from Republics Kazakhstan (receive it at customs - free of charge, returnable obligation is free).
2.  A copy of the national passport of the owner of the machine.
3.  A copy of log on the machine.
4.  A copy of the driving license.
5.  A copy of the insurance on the machine which you have received in the country of residing.