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Maralye (Chaban-Bai) Lake.

A trip from Katon-Karagay to Lake Maralye.

    “Everything is good in nature, but water is the beauty of nature”

Aksakov Sergey Timofeevich.

Tours on taiga lakes of East Kazakhstan

On the southern slope of Listvyag ridge lies Lake Maralie Chaban-Bai. " From it flows the Belaya River, which flows into Bukhtarm. Lake Maralie or Chaban-Bai is located at an altitude of 1718 m above sea level. It lies in a diffuse fold (valley) of tectonic origin, later cluttered with landslides and glacial sediments.
The area of ​​the lake is 2.1 square kilometers, the depth is about 4 m. The coastal deposits are represented by clay and sandy bog soils, silted sands, pebbles, and at the sources - boulders. Such a coastal structure probably indicates the old age of the lake.
Whitish and brown silt is deposited at the bottom, occasionally sand. The color of the water is light brown, transparency 2 m. The temperature of the surface layers +13 - 18 ° (July), bottom - + 14 ° C. The Maralikha River flows into the lake - a quiet, swampy river up to 15 km long and the Khayryuzovka river - up to 10 km long.
The noisy big river Bela flows out of the lake