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"Mars" Monument in Taraz.

A walk through the monuments of Taraz.

“History repeats itself twice - first in the form of tragedy, then in the form of farce”

Karl Marx.

Monuments of Taraz.

On December 7, 2014, a monument dedicated to those killed in Operation Mars during the Great Patriotic War was unveiled in Taraz's Zhenis Park. It was one of the most cruel and bloody battles of the Great Patriotic War - the Rzhev-Sychev operation, which had the encrypted name Operation Mars.
The memorial, built on voluntary donations, was attended by veterans, youth, relatives of dead soldiers, as well as surviving participants in that tragic military operation, 86-year-old Aman Alpysbaev and 88-year-old Ozbek Matbaev.
The memorial monument represents 45 memorial bilateral boards with a roll-call list of all Zhambyl warriors participating in Operation Mars. Capsules brought from battle sites are buried here. According to historians, the Rzhev-Sychevskaya strategic offensive operation ("Mars") that took place in November - December 1942 was the military operations of the Kalinin and Western fronts, which aimed to defeat the 9th German army of the General Model Army Group "Center", defending in Rzhevsko -Vyazemsky ledge.
At the same time, the main strategic objective of this operation was to divert the enemy forces to ensure the success of the counteroffensive near Stalingrad. In the three weeks of Operation Mars, Soviet troops lost about 100,000 soldiers killed and missing, and 235,000 wounded, in a terrible meat grinder.
More than two and a half thousand Kazakhstanis took part in the operation, of which two thousand died.

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