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Mausoleum of Ayranbai.

Traveling in the Ulytau mountains.

“An ancient burial site will always hold clues as to who the people were, and to who we are” 

Anthony T. Hincks.

Architectural sights of Ulytau.

Mausoleum of Ayranbay (Beskumbez) of the XIXth century is located at an altitude of 430 meters above sea level, is located 84 kilometers northeast of the city of Zhezkazgan, 24.7 kilometers northeast of the village of Malshybay, 42.5 kilometers to the south and a little east of the village of Betbulak, 400 meters from the right bank of the Sary-Kengir River in the Ulytau region of the same name region.
The author, builder and history of creation are not known. In 1974, he was examined by the Central Kazakhstan Expedition of the Ministry of Culture of the Kazakh SSR (M.A. Mamanbaev, M.K. Sembin, M.S. Nurkabaev).
In 1982, it was surveyed by the expedition of the Dzhezkazgan Historical and Local Lore Museum of the Central Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments of the Kazakh SSR. The necropolis consists of two main structures - the Ayranbay mausoleum and the portal-dome mazar and small ruined saganatams made of raw bricks and stone.
The two main structures of the necropolis are of great value in studying the history of the architecture of Kazakhstan in the XIXth century. The five-domed mausoleum of Airynbay with a cruciform plan. It was built of burnt bricks facing the inner raw inlay.
The facades are decorated with "diamonds" made up of light and dark baked bricks. Dimensions 9.75 x 8.25 meters, height 6.25 meters. One of the best five-domed type mausoleums in Central Kazakhstan. Airanbai Mausoleum is a monument of history and architecture of republican significance (Post. Sov. Min. KazSSR No. 133 dated February 17, 1949).
Geographical coordinates of mausoleum of Ayranbay: N48°29'44.31" E68°09'15.19"

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Photos by
Alexander Petrov.