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Mausoleum Hussein and Amir-Zadeh.

Historical tours to Uzbekistan. 

“People usually feel funny, smile and laugh when I tell them 
about my strong belief in the very existence of prehistoric 
advanced technology and great civilizations of wilier races. 
I just can't wait to see their faces at time the truth is revealed” 

Toba Beta.

Historical tours to mausoleum Hussein and Amir-Zadeh. 

The mausoleum of Emir Hussein, or Tuglu-Tekin, was constructed to the order of Temur’s servitor - emir Hussein for his mother Tuglu-Tekin. Location of the building was caused by a direction of the path running between existing mausoleums of Shadi-Mulk and Tuglu-tekin.
The cubic basis is crowned by elongated and pointed dome in combination with a high portal. Inside, the ceramic panel was installed along the lower part of the walls. Carved enameled terracotta equally with painted majolica faces the portal.
The mausoleum of Amir-zadeh represents a cubic structure with a high portal, crowned by elongated and pointed ribbed dome. Carved enameled terracotta can be seen rarely, but various majolica prevails.
Warm colours add the palette. The interior looks very original. Each side has three identical lancet niches instead of traditional one. Above the octahedron of arch pendentives there is a vaulted belt, which together with a high dome makes the interior light and as if skyward.
There is no carved terracotta, and facades lost minimalism of parts, previously typical. 

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