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Mausoleum of Mir-Seid-Bakhrom.

Guided tour of Karmana.

“I despise the deceitful, the hypocritical
These prayer books, exemplary donkeys.
They, under the veil of piety,
They trade in faith worse than all the infidels."

Omar Khayyam.

Historical monuments in Karmana.

The Mir-seid-Bakhrom mausoleum is located in the southern part of the urban-type settlement of Karman, in the north-western part of the old cemetery, on the territory of the architectural complex of Ksim Sheikh, in the Karmani district of the Navoi region.
The small mausoleum Mir-seid-Bakhrom, built at the end of the Xth century, is one of the few surviving structures of early Muslim architecture. Known in the history of architecture of Central Asia quite recently. Covered with later plasters, built up with aywans of the adjoining mosque, it remained visible from the outside only by the western and northern walls, which did not particularly attract the attention of the researcher.
That is why many researchers of architectural and archaeological monuments located along the middle course of the Zeravshan passed by this miniature mausoleum, not paying any attention to it. And only quite recently, in 1942, it was discovered by A.K. Pisarchik, who was engaged in a special study of architectural monuments in Kermine.
Almost a toy in the hands of a sophisticated craftsman, they did not solve large architectural problems. But it was precisely on such works of "small form" that the ideas of the architects were tested, as on a model.
Their success predetermined the creation of larger buildings. Mausoleums, as a rule, did not repeat each other, although certain techniques were used more than once.
Geographic coordinates of the Mir-Seid-Bakhrom mausoleum: N40 ° 07'59.27 "E65 ° 22'02.58"

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