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Memorial mosque at Shakhi-i-Zinda.

Vacation in Uzbekistan.

"The veracity of speech is good and smooth,
But how beautiful the words are truthful brevity”

Alisher Navoi.

Tours of the national customs of the peoples of Uzbekistan.

Ziarathane, in the burial complex of Shakhi-iZinda, is adjacent to the Memorial Mosque in the middle. Its triply divided space is covered with domes on thyroid sails. Kashin mosaics and tiles are put into the facing of the mihrab and panels of the mosque and Ziarathani.
A corridor leads to the mosque, at the entrance to which a door (1404 - 1405) was hung from the Chartak, the work of Yusuf Shirazi. Its sections are covered with a deep three-layer carving of vegetative and epigraphic ornaments.

G.A. Pugachenkova.

Photos by
Alexander Petrov.