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Meteorological station on Fedchenko Glacier.

Traveling on Fedchenko Glacier.

“And the first avalanches rustled haze,
Like sighs waking up early
Under the first ray of golden whiskey
Giants rising from a dream"

Photos of Fedchenko Glacier.

Near the mouth of the Kashalayak glacier, on the rocky ledges of the left side of the Fedchenko glacier at an altitude of 4200 meters above sea level, there is a hydrometeorological station named after academician Gorbunov.
The station was built in 1933, until 1995, it constantly worked. During the International Geophysical Year, the glaciological station Vitkovsky Glacier and the station at the lower end of the glacier functioned in the upper part of the Fedchenko Glacier at an altitude of about 4900 meters above sea level.
The observatory building with a semicircular roof covered with galvanized iron resembles a submarine. Large, glazed in several layers of windows offer a view in all directions. The observatory is located in the central area of ​​the Pamir glaciation.
And therefore, it is no accident that scientists call these places the weather cuisine for all of Central Asia. The staff of the observatory year-round monitors the movement, melting and growth of the glacier. In 2001, 9 automatic stations were installed, one of them at the station on the Fedchenko Glacier.

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