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Monument of Alibi Zhangildin in Almaty.

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Monument of monumental art to a statesman, participant in the revolutionary movement, the Civil War in Kazakhstan A.T. Zhangildin (1884 - 1953) was erected in a park on the station square of the Almaty-1 railway station in 1975.
The bronze figure of A. Zhangildin was cast according to the model of sculptures by TS Dosmagambetova, O.G. Prokopieva. A pedestal made of polished black gabbro with an ornamental belt was designed by architect Sh.E. Valikhanova.
The internal energy, determination of A.T. Zhangildin was conveyed by the sculptural solution of the monument. On the post ¬ inscription: "Əліби Жангелдин". The total height of the monument is 12 meters. The authors of the monument project were awarded the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR in 1976.

Monument of Alibi Zhangildin. 1970.

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Vladimir Proskurin (Berlin)