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Journey mosque Shakpak ata.

Private Walking Tours in Mangyshlak.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” 

Augustine of Hippo.

Short description of route of an excursion trip from Aktau to Shakpak ata mosque:

Aktau - settlement Akshukur - necropolis Kashkar-Ata - settlement Karamandy - Esmambet-ata necropolis (XVIII - XIX c.c.) - settlement Tauchik - underground mosque Shakpak-ata (X - XIII c.c.).

Distance of route: 292 km
Season: from April 1, 30st till September.
 Best time for excursion: April - September.
Duration of tour: 1 day.

Detailed program of an excursion trip to Kashkar ata necropolis and Shakpak ata:

Guided day hiking on Mangyshlak.

Aktau - settlement Akshukur - necropolis Kashkar аta - settlement Karamandy - Esmambet аta necropolis (XVIII - XIX c.c.) - settlement Tauchik - underground mosque Shakpak аta (X - XIII c.c.) (292 km).
We leave city in direction on the airport, we pass village Akshukur, villages opposite on the right there is necropolis Kashkar ata, interested persons can visit necropolis Kashkar-аta. Further we pass settlement Karamandy and behind settlement it is turned to necropolis Esmambet аta (XVIII - XIX c.c.) (32 km).
Walk in vicinities. After visiting necropolis Esmabet аta to the left of road Caspian sea is visible. On road fork it is turned to the right in direction on settlement Tauchik, stop for photographing at cretaceous farewell rock, short walk in vicinities (46 km).
Transfer: cretaceous farewell rock - settlement Tauchik - underground mosque Shakpak ata (59 km). Visiting of necropolis and underground mosque Shakpak ata cavate in cretaceous stones on edge of rocky breakage. Walk in vicinities, photographing of canyon Shakpak ata. Lunch in vicinities of mosque Shakpak ata.
Transfer: underground mosque Shakpak ata - canyon Kapamsay (10 km), stop for photographing canyon Kapamsay, from the left party from us from the south on the north, was below stretched cretaceous canyon Kapan, the canyon reaches coast of Caspian sea.
Transfer: Canyon Kapamsay - Aktau (145 km).

The note:
The author program is Alexander Petrov. Copying and introduction - only from the sanction of the author -

Alexander Petrov