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Mountain Berkutaul.

Exploring Kazakh Altai by Helicopter.

“The miracles of earth are the laws of heaven”

Jean Paul Richter.

Climbing tour to Mountain Berkutaul on Kazakh Altai.

The mountain Berkutaul, in translation from Kazakh means the Dwelling of Eagle, the second for height after Belukha and in popularity is the mountain of Southern Altai among climbers and tourists. Its facetted pyramidal top, being brightly distinguished from surrounding mountains, rises by height of 3373 meters above sea level, is the highest point of Southern Altai.
From North side of the mountain there are three glaciers reaching 1 km in length. The mountain is put by volcanic and sedimentary breeds of the top Devon in greenish flowers of black color, sharp contrast with white snow and bluish ice.
Berkutaul is located in a zone of the mountain tundra and the Alpine meadows. In 4 km to the North, on a northern slope of the ridge from height about 1500 m the draft taiga consisting of a larch, a cedar (the top zone) and firs settled down.
On valleys there is a lot of berry: red, black and white currant, honeysuckle, raspberry. Below, where there is a lot of birch, - abundance of mushrooms. Near Berkutaul there live argali and mountain goats - a tau-teka.
On the Alpine meadows a great number of a groundhog. At a mountain Berkut-Aul foot climbers constructed an small log cabin. Annually for May 9 carry out here an alpiniad in whom about 100 climbers participate.
Autumn ascensions are traditional. The mountain Berkutaul is convenient the availability. From the next village of Topkain located on a regional highway to it day transition to 16 kilometers. Berkutaul the mountain is located in South West Altai provinces, Bukhtarma of Narym district, in the ridge Sarymsakty, in 18 kilometers to the southwest from the village Katon-Karagay, the Katon-Karagay administrative Region of East Kazakhstan region.

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