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Museum in Isfara.

Excursions on museums Sughd of province.

The historical-study of local lore museum of the city of Isfara is to the address of: 735920 Republic Tajikistan, Sughd of province, Isfara, street Dzhomi, 7.
The museum is based in 1970, in 1982 has received a historical building of construction of 1912 - 1913 in downtown.
In a museum in Isfara city some departments:
Department of the nature.
he Department of ancient history.
he Department of history of the Middle Ages.
he Department of new and newest history.
Funds of a museum total about 2 500 units of storage, more which half make subjects of auxiliary fund. Collections of a museum on numismatics and ethnographies are most numerous.

The Building of the historical-study of local lore museum Isfara.Ceramic vessels. Exhibits of an archeologic exhibition.

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