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New museum in Ghissar.

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In September, 2015 in area Ghissar openly building of a regional museum. The building is constructed under the initiative of the Head of the state in honour of 3000 anniversary Ghissar.
At construction and registration of object it is synthesized the medieval and modern styles giving special beauty to a museum. The building of a museum consists of three floors, has a basement, and also all conditions for storage of historical monuments, finds, pictures and other exposition.
The total sum of construction makes from above 14 000 000 somoni. Civil work on object have begun in May, 2014 and are completed in September, 2015. The total area of a building makes the order of one hectare.
In a basement of a museum settle down a workshop on repair of potter's and glass products, a workshop for copying pictures and figures, to repair of different production, shop on repair of sewing production and other services.
Now in fund of a new museum are available over 3000 expositions. The museum consists of 11 departments, each of which functions according to history and culture of Tadjik people, acquaints the future generations with history of our ancestors.
In a museum 23 persons work. Samples of national crafts are stored in halls of a museum, including jeweller, forge, arts with IX on XIX centuries and other historical finds. Inhabitants of area with a view of updating fund give a museum of the picture, got to them in the inheritance from the ancestors.

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