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The obligation about return a vehicle in the preferential order.

Travel by machines across Kazakhstan.

The appendix 2
To the order of Chairman
Agencies of the customs control
Republics Kazakhstan
From May, 12th, 2003 №186
«About the statement of the form
Obligations about export/import vehicles»


The obligation _________________

About return export of a vehicle in the preferential order

The name of customs body

Factory mark _____________________________________________________________                                                                      

Number of the engine __________________________________________________________________

Number the chassis _________________________________________________________________

State number ____________________________________________________________

                                                         Surname, name

The passport, number_____________________________________________

                                     Date of issue, date of expiry, by whom it is given out

The address of a place ______________________________________________________________


Date of return export (import) ________________________________________________________

«______» ___________________ 20____ year                      Signature ___________________

Marks of customs:


The signature of the inspector  _________________________________________________________

                                                          It is assured by a personal number press

«_____» ____________________ 20_____


          The vehicle cannot be alienated, be transferred in using or the order to other persons without its premise under the certain customs mode.
         The obligation certified properly, is the document containing data on the facts, having legal value. The message of incorrect data in the obligation, and also to the official of customs body or infringement of terms of return export attracts the responsibility according to the legislation of Republic Kazakhstan.